Its birthday!

RajaMuhammadSyahmie! Happy Birthdayyyyy sayangg , may Allah always bless you and may all your wish come true dear :') Promise me jgn takutkn bie cenggitu lgy kayyy ? And soryy bie tkd dgn syg mase birthday syg taw :/ Btw , birthday syg knp tk kne tepung telur eh ? Eeii , sumpah tk puas hati -,- grr tk best ah cmnyy , haha . One more , hope suka present tuh taww . Loveyouuuuu sayang :*

hoho Happy Birthday Izaty Hasnusan , Happy Annivesary izaty and ayye ! Hope kekal yeee , and ayyot please takecare of her okayy ? Izatyyyyy , may Allah bless you always syggg and may your day will be the best day ever okay ? Serious smlm aku seronok gilaaaa even hujan lebat smua , haha . Btw , Soryy aku dtg lmbat , soryy belon air tuh tk puas sgt and sory lah tnggal psangn kpel yg annivesary stahun ny kat rumah , kan kesian tk dpat tgk movie skali ;P haha , Iloveyou both of you gaisss :')

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